The Paleo Recipe Book
The Paleo Recipe Book

Assorted Asian Recipes

What is the meaning of Assorted? It means various/mixtures… So in this website.. I hv put up a few hundred of different types of recipes for you easy to follow and try it out :

Do we eat to live or live to eat?  In fact, we tend to combine both when thesight and aroma of the dishes overwhelmed us.

Assorted Asian Recipes brings you to the most delicious, nourishing home cooked meals ranging from poultry, red meat, vegetables. seafood, snacks and desserts, egg and beancurd.  It is characterized by its colour, aroma and taste.

In Assorted Asian Recipes, you will find many varieties of mouth watering dishes from spicy to non spicy with simple step by step and  instructions to follow.


Home cook food:

In this century.. with both  parents working to pay off bills and all that, they claim that they do not have the time to cook.. and the best solution is to go out and eat.. Well, actually going out to eat is not a best solution at going out to eat not only it is very pricey (depends on what you eat) it is not good for health at all.. With this website build just for you.. there is no excuse of not  cooking at home…. it is simple, easy to follow instructions.. created just for you.. what is most important is health.. and with the right kind of food you eat, you can  loose weight as well..



You need not be a good cook to cook. In fact, it’s all about combination of ingredients, different ways of cooking, styles and experience. Through experiment, one can improve on cooking skills eventually by trial and error. It depends on one’s taste if the person prefer  the food to be salty, sweet, sour n so on.  In other words, the combination of ingredients plays an important part of one’s taste. So, there is no fix rules  how much one should  put in the ingredients on that particular dish itself.


Types Of Ingredients used:

One of the ingredients used in the cooking is called Shaoxing wine or in English it is called Chinese cooking wine. It is an additional ingredient to many dishes in Chinese cooking recipes. It can be used as a drink as well. Another ingredient is used is called belacan or in English is called shrimp paste. It is  use as an additional flavouring to some dishes.  It is more popular among Malaysian dishes.

Variety Styles/Types of Cooking

In Assorted Asian Recipes, you can find different styles of cooking from western styles, Chinese styles and Nyonya styles from steaming, braising, deep fried, stir-fried and etc..


In Assorted Asian Recipes, you will find that even though dishes are quite simple to cook, they taste delicious and yummy.

Happy cooking….

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